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The Sula Dress, like all Fahari Bazaar dresses, is designed to have an oversized fit and look, but also to fit multiple body sizes. This Sula is available in Size 1, and Size 2.

Size 1 will fit someone who is wears size Small, Medium, Medium/Large and Large depending on how you prefer your clothes to fit. This size is form fitting, from waist up, on someone who wears a size Large.

Size 2 will fit someone who wears a size Medium, Large and one who is inbetween a Large and Extra Large.


NOTE: Generally, dresses are ready to ship within 2-3 days but due to volume after a drop, we will ship in 3-5 days.


Size 1

Shoulder 16”

Bust 46”

Waist 46"

Armhole 22”

Sleeve Length 15”

Length 46”


Size 2

Shoulder 18”

Bust 48”

Waist 48"

Armhole 24”

Sleeve Length 15”

Length 46”


  • Washed 100% cotton Batiki fabric sourced directly from individual women artists who handprint and hand-dye them in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Loose-fitting
  • 2 functional pockets
  • Machine washable (cold), with like colors


Fahari Bazaar clothing is designed with comfort, functionality and style in mind. We believe that clothing should have enough room for movement--walking, running, and stretching. But most important to us, is that these clothing allows for self expression and style.


We now have all our clothing made in  Dar es Salaam Tanzania,  at our Fahari Bazaar work space. Having our clothes made in Tanzania creates high paying jobs for skilled tailors and seamstresses in a country where this occupation is often undervalued.


The fabrics we use are 100% cotton Batiki fabrics, all handdyed in Dar es Salaam using wax resist, painting, and tie and dye techniques. We work directly with the women who design, hand print and handdye these fabrics to bring you unique and timeless prints. You will notice that each Batiki is unique, and a beautiful work of art.


Through your continued support, we opened a small Fahari Bazaar working space in Dar es Salaam, but it is also a space  providing quality training and high paying jobs for aspiring tailors, seamstresses and designers.


Product development and design is done by Fahari Wambura.

Tiered Sleeve Sula

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