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Growing up, we never could afford clothing 

from stores. All our clothes were made by local tailors. These memories of picking out fabric, contemplating the designs, and then going to the tailors to have them make a dress... These memories are part of the inspiration for the  Fahari Bazaar clothing line.

Fahari Bazaar's  hope is to share unique designs, inspired by an African childhood and experience, handmade using one of a kind Batiki fabrics.

To make our clothing we use hand-dyed and handprinted Batiki fabrics. We work directly with the women who make these Batiki fabric to make sure that each print is a one of a kind work of art. 

When we use Kanga and Kitenge fabrics, we make sure they are locally produced in Tanzania to support Tanzania's cotton industry and fabric makers.

Our Kikoy is handwoven in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by Waasiliasilia and Handmade From Tanzania. 

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