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A Kanga is a colourful piece of cotton fabric worn by women, and occasionally men in East Africa. They are rectangular in shape, measuring about  1.5M by 1M.


Kangas have a central part (mji), and a border along all of its four corners known as pindo in Kiswahili. Kangas are sold in pairs (doti),  which are normally cut in half and hemmed to be used as a pair or shared half and half between close friends.


This piece of fabric is versatile and can be used as a scarf, head-wrap, apron, baby sling, skirt, shawl, and so much more. It is culturally significant on the East African coast, often used as a receiving blanket when a child is born, given as a gift on special occasions, and used as uniform wear at weddings, and funerals.

Kanga Nyepesi

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