Most children growing up in villages in Tanzania and Kenya make their toys from whatever useful materials they find laying around. The designs you see here are similar to the ones that children use.

The toys we offer are sourced directly from independent makers. They are handmade using re-purposed wire, rubber, bottle caps, wood and beads. 

We hope that by bringing these toys to the Fahari Bazaar marketplace we can help keep this tradition of artisan toy making alive.


We also hope that these unique toys can inspire us all to create cool things with materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

Fahari Bazaar is a one-stop marketplace showcasing beautiful handmade products DESIGNED IN CHATHAM, NEW YORK AND made IN TANZANIa.

Founded with a commitment to producing the highest quality small batch products, Fahari Bazaar is creating SUSTAINABLE opportunities for SKILLED SEAMSTRESSES, TAILORS, artisans AND MAKERS.

These beautiful handmade products are made to last and be treasured.

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